Thank you for checking out our store! We are happy to be able to introduce Payne Outdoors Plastics (POP) as well as offering RPG Outdoors options as well. All of our lures can be made to order. What does that mean? We keep some of the favorites on hand but if there is a custom color you really want to see if you can get, we can absolutely take a crack at it! So take a look and see what POP and RPG baits you'd like to try.

We take PayPal, Credit, and Debit cards and shipping is $5 flat rate on everything we sell. If you'd like to pay cash or pickup in person, please change the shipping option to in person cash or in person pickup. For custom color requests, email

Payne Outdoors Plastics

From the folks at Payne Outdoors, we bring you Payne Outdoors Plastics. These baits have been tested by us in the colors we offer on the lakes we fish. We won't list it if it doesn't catch fish. If you need a custom color in a body style we offer, please email us!

RPG Outdoors

From right here in Central Texas, Robert and Angela Garcia bring you custom soft plastics they believe in, fish, and make themselves. From timely classics to some real unique body styles and colors, RPG has something for everyone.

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