Big Winter Speckled Trout

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  1. MARVIN says:

    Hi, I am writing in reference to your fishing for Speckled Trout. You were talking about fishing at night time. Can you have the same kind of fishing success for Speckled Trout in the day time as you would at nights ? ( especially during the winter ) I have a kayak and would love to fish for specks in the spring if it is a good time to go. I am retired and live near Hagerstown,MD.
    What month would be best for me to try for them around the Bay ?

    Thank You in advanced


    • rbekolay says:

      Hey Marvin,
      In response to your question, ABSOLUTELY speckled trout can be caught during the day in the winter. In fact, most of the people that I know that fish for specks in the winter time fish during the day. The same quality of fish can be caught at high noon or midnight. The biggesgt thing in my opinion is having a good tide cycle. These fish like moving water. At the particular location I was at, I look for baitfish on my sonar. When I find bait, I will typically find the trout. A reason I like night fishing is for a couple of reasons. This goes back to my early days of musky fishing pressured water. Speckled trout are very “sensative” to boat traffic and fishing pressure. At night, the pressure calms down and so do the fish. The Elizabeth River in Virginia is where a lot of the speckled trout go for the winter, but come spring time is where they start to move out into the spring/summer areas. In spring time, I normally have better luck during the day with the warming water temperature from the sun. I have had many times where I had a great day time bite, but once the sun went down it shut off. My advice is get out there with a variety of lures and figure out what works. It’s hard to say what the best month might be in your location, but late March/early April could be a good time to start exploring your spring fishing grounds if the weather is nice. I hope this helps. Feel free to ask anything else.

      ~Richie Bekolay

  2. Richard h says:

    I’m going to the Hampton Roads area next week. Any guides able to take me to the trout or redfish? I am happy to paddle or just ride in a boat.

  3. Simon says:

    Enjoyed your article. Just wondering if yall are using any lights to fish under or just fishing in the darkness.

  4. Kane says:

    Nice catch! I don’t think I could stay out there in that cold long enough to get something like that. I bet its freezing out there!

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