A (Not So) Epic Kayak Fishing Post

I woke up this morning and felt like I needed to write an epic kayak fishing post. I mulled over what was a burning topic in the web-o-sphere, thought about upcoming events and decided on this: nothing.

Sometimes the world doesn’t need epic kayak fishing stories, rants, videos, and scandal. Sometimes we need to just talk. No events, no big money, no prostaff, no liars, no brand rivalry, just set the pitchforks and banners down for two minutes and talk about what really makes this sport special to most of us.

We have had a crazy couple of months and it shows in our Facebook posts. I have seen more people than ever asking for prayers, going through tough times, trying to not lash out at the world. I have seen people losing jobs, getting tricked into jobs with false promises, and still searching for jobs. I have seen families hearts’ breaking over deaths.

We need to take a breath. We need respite. We need what the water gave us that first time out. We need a little peace. And for those who believe in prayer, which I know many of you do, the struggling folks in our ranks would appreciate them.

So on this Friday, I am not going to plug any videos of cool stuff other people are doing. I am not going to talk about my outrage at certain events ad nauseum.

I want to encourage you today.

I want you to find time today to say thank you to the people who helped you discover kayak fishing or who have helped you along the way. Then, I want you to schedule some actual time to go be on the water. Give yourself something to look forward to whether it is in eight hours, eight days, or eight weeks.

The water has a calming effect and sometimes that is exactly what we need. We need to get back to us and the water.

And say a prayer for those who are struggling.

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