Pedal vs Paddle

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  1. Raf Yak says:

    A mentor told me once; "kayak fishing is a self-discovery experience". I do own a Pro Angler and I don't feel above nor below anybody. I think that the kayak angler community is very friendly and always willing to cooperate with each other and that to me is very inspiring. I really hope people don't feel that kayak fishing is about bling or status as I love to get people involved regardless of what they like or have. Great article!
    v/r Inland Yaker

  2. Chris Payne says:

    I like that quote. More and more people flock to our sport every day. Ambassadors with a great attitude like yours will keep kayak fishing growing! Thanks for reading!

  3. I do not think money is the deciding fator in peddle versus paddle. I could afford any Paddle kayak or Ranger Power Boat I wanted but prefer the Paddle kayak. The Paddle kayak is lighter and has more mobility on the water and here it comes … in the field of kayks I dont consider a Paddle Boat a Kayak.

  4. I need to correct my previous post

    "and here it comes … in the field of kayks I dont consider a Peddle Boat a Kayak."

  5. Artie Melton says:

    I believe that at least 2/3 of the time, money is THE deciding factor. Most of the guys I know that kayak regularly would own something different if money wasn't an issue. That's not everyone, but it is a sizable number.
    I own what I think will work best for me in the situations I want to kayak fish. I like the light weight and simplicity of a traditional kayak. I have one for open waters, and one for running water. But before I manhandle a 150+ lb pedal kayak/boat, I will put my bass boat in the water and fish from it. It's not that I can't manage it, I just don't want to.
    As I've said before, I figure I have another 15 good years left to fish and spend time outdoors with good people. I believe many of them will be in kayaks.

  6. Chris Payne says:

    Very often money is the deciding factor. Not always but often. Again, when you ask them what you would have if money weren't a determinant, 57% said a pedal kayak. That says a lot about money being a part of it.

  7. david bauer says:

    I can remember when sot first came out( yep I'm old as the hills I was using Hobie stuff before a lot of the guys I yak with with were born ) at the time the SOT were not thought of a Kayak some sort of raft or something. I'm of the opinion pedal or paddle it's just personal preference they both have there place , if you really feel your getting beat up by the pedal guys then by all means buy one, you might have to make other choices but that's how life is
    The last time I fished there was no one in a seal covered yak using a harpoon fishing just some guys in plastic boats …good stuff Chris love reading your blog , BTW I fish out of a OK Trident and a OK Torque for off shore

  8. Chris Payne says:

    Thanks David! I've often thought about a Torque for offshore adventures. Maybe some day!

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