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2017 Best $100 Bass Fishing Rods

Are you looking for a really good, bang for your buck bass fishing rod? I am always on the lookout and have been trying to test out everything I can. Some of these models included in this list are not new for 2017 but have a few tweaks. Others are much newer lines to the market, but not brands. You should also know, I have only included rods that are […]

Best Bargain Fishing Kayaks with Great Features

When I started writing this article about bargain fishing kayaks, I realized how relative that terminology can be. When I started in 2003, the kayak I bought was the only one offered within 180 miles of me and it was $200. Now, with the strength of internet sales and the popularity of kayak fishing, I can get a kayak at Wal-Mart. But should I? Folks looking for bargain fishing kayaks […]