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Fly Fishing Lunch Hour Challenge

Chris Payne heads out to the creek during his lunch hour to try to find some panfish while fly fishing. During this outing he used an Orvis Battenkill 4/5 reel on an old Eagle Claw 2pc 5wt and slinging a foam spider with green legs. The water in the creek ranges in this spot from about one foot deep to up to three feet near the ridge. The looping he’s […]

Backyard Beatdown: Beat Hoover and Win His Gear!

Lots of folks want to claim the top spot in kayak angling. To be the best, to claim it and back it up, you have to beat the champ. Or at least somebody willing to come to your home lake and take you to task. Want to be the best? Beat the best! Even better than that is you get to set the terms. Go to , “Like” the […]