How to Catch Cold Water Smallmouth

Words and Photos by Blace Hutchens Winter is setting in, and your local river has become frigid. Are you planning to hang up the paddle until spring? Do you still chase river smallmouth when the water temperatures drop below 50 degrees? A few of us die hard anglers can’t wait […]

Learning the Local Waters

Contributed by John Schips Whether you’re in a boat, kayak, or casting from the shore, learning your local water is crucial to maximizing your chances of success. If you’re in an area that is known for some good fishing, chances are you can find some general information about the more […]

Communicating with No Bars with goTenna

I have found myself on more than one occasion out in the wild, usually fishing andf needing to get in touch with a buddy who has paddled out of my line of sight. Cell signal is sketchy at best and the radios work sometimes when you are on the same […]

Winter River Bass Fishing Tips

Contributed by John Henry Boatright Inevitably it happens, every year. In the words of the Starks, “Winter is coming.” You can’t avoid it and neither can I, but you don’t have to let Old Man Winter ruin your river fishing. Instead, use his tricks against him and learn to keep […]

Summertime Citation Smallmouth

Ask a diehard river angler the best time of year to catch a 20 plus inch smallmouth, and they will likely talk about when the water temperature is closer to 50 degrees, not 90. Summer float trips on our local rivers typically yield an abundance of dinks. They seem to […]

Lake Turnover – Part 1

Summer and Fall    It’s a common excuse during the fall “The fish aren’t biting because the lake is undergoing turnover”. I’ve even used it myself a few times. To help give you an idea of what techniques you should be using I will explain Lake Turnover in a simple […]