The Top 10 Kayak Bass Fishing Lakes in Texas

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  1. Purtis Creek is one heck of a kayak fishing lake. In one day I caught crappie, sunfish, largemouth bass, and catfish all on a road runner jig.


  2. I think on Lady bird lake your aloud to fish out of a small boat but it must be electric motor only as I've called and asked in the past. I have a 10 ft twin troller(bass buggie style) that has two trolling motors built up in the hull and this is one water I've been talking about fishing for at least a year now.
    I too am from Temple/Belton area. I have some trouble fishing Belton. As I never know when I'm going to catch fish. Like I've fished cedar creek a handful of time and never caught anything. I still plan to keep on fishing it. I have had decent luck at rogers park and temple lake park I've caught smallies and a good solid 5lber before.
    great article!
    Zack T. – window washing wonders
    I would rather fish than clean windows but love doing either.

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