It’s always good to have a back up plan when are planning a fishing trip. Mother nature has a bad habit of throwing a wrench in your plans. Mat and I  planned on fishing a winter area this weekend but decide to scrap the trip when the weatherman told us the winds would be blowing up to 30 mph directly up river from where we would be fishing. Keeping stationary  is very important when winter fishing because you need to be able to feel those extremely subtle bites.  We decided to go with our Plan B and fish a much smaller flow that has a lot of protection from the wind. The chances of catching a monster fish were reduced but we would have a better chance of catching fish and wouldn’t be frustrated all day wishing we had done something different.

I’m glad we decided to go with Plan B. We had a great day on the water and didn’t even notice the wind was blowing. Above is a picture of Mat and a chunky largemouth.

The Battle Stance Craw by Confidence Baits was on the menu today. I caught most of my fish on the black and blue version of this bait. The presentation I used was ten to twenty second pauses then a slow drag. Most hit it while it was paused.

The Wilderness Systems Ride 115 and Ride 135 performed flawlessly today.

Success! A nice spotted and largemouth bass.

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