ANGLR Tracker and G.Loomis Giveaway

At ICAST 2016 we saw this pretty cool tech that as an analytics junkie I really dug. No more manual fishing logs to keep up with. No more rain ruined journals. The ANGLR Tracker and ANGLR App replaces all that and more. Normally $129, you can actually win one! Not only that, the folks at ANGLR Labs are going to pair it with a new G.Loomis E6X fishing rod!

It’s free to enter and there is a link down below. Before we get to that however, let’s talk about the ANGLR Tracker and what it does. Here is their rundown:

ANGLR Tracker auto-logs entire fishing trips seamlessly from your rod while you enjoy the day. Our most innovative technology, designed to track every cast, every catch, and understand your key patterns of success.


Auto detects catches and marks your location, tackle, and current conditions.


Understand reeling patterns of success for all your terminal tackle.
coming soon.


Auto detects casting and measures your cast to catch ratio.


Understand reeling patterns of success for all your terminal tackle.
coming soon.


Drop pins directly from your rod with the push of a button.


Know the duration of the fight between every bite and every catch.
coming soon.



Learn more about the app and other products 


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