Turtles Prevent Death

The idea of falling out of a kayak, also called turtling, is a major reason why people either: #1 Don’t/Won’t buy a kayak #2 Buy a particularly wide kayak This is nothing new. People don’t buy any floating vessel only to end up bobbing beside it shortly after launch but maybe they should try it. The first step in death prevention Continue Reading

Avoiding Kayak Buyer's Remorse

  Every day a few dozen kayaks get listed on Craigslist, fishing forums, and Buy/Sell/Trade lists. On these lists are people with buyer’s remorse, listing these kayaks as “never seen the water” or “only used twice” or some other variant. If you follow these tips when you get ready to purchase, the chances of you having to flip that kayak Continue Reading

Motorized Kayaks: Is It Time?

Motorized kayaks are here. In actuality they have been here a while. I remember looking at the Ocean Kayak Torque years ago. The price tag turned me off but I liked the idea of being able to move quickly if I wanted and still maintain a fairly quiet platform. For a guy fishing in a $200 kayak, paying more than Continue Reading

Road Map to Becoming the Next Big Thing

  Written by Chris Payne “I want to take my fishing to the next level.” I read this and hear this every day from kayak anglers. Every. Single.Day. “Next level” is really a cliché that has come to mean “I want you to give me free stuff”. It means “I am tired of paying out of pocket for every hook, Continue Reading

The Three Reasons I Hate Kayak Fishing (A Wife's Story)

By Kim Dye (Craig Dye’s wife – betcha didn’t know he had one of those) When I married a man from south Louisiana, I knew that fishing was in his blood.  I figured it was a nice little hobby; one of those hobbies that gives me some time to catch up with my favorite Housewives or Kardashians on the weekends.  Continue Reading

Divide Forming in Kayak Fishing?

Contributed by Corey Stansifer Is there a division among kayak anglers currently forming? Is the sport we love growing so uncontrollably that we are now forming sub-groups? Can’t we all just get along? Lately, it seems that everywhere I look at and at every level (local, regional, national), there seems to be a growing division among kayak anglers. From message Continue Reading

Stop Apologizing

  Hey, new guy. Don’t be sorry and stop apologizing! At the boat show this weekend, myriad people walked up and chatted for a bit. It was great to talk about rigging and fishing and all the fun things associated with our sport. The recurrent theme that kept coming up was a bashful, almost apologetic air that was taken on Continue Reading

PFD Passion

  An idea to spread the passion for PFD wearing as much as we do to demo before buying from JR Pate.  Contributed by JR Pate As you read this there are people looking through internet trying to find the right kayak. They look at hundreds of pictures online & pour through every forum they can find. Soon into their Continue Reading

Bad Experiences Mean PFD

  A different side of the coin from the earlier PFD necessity post. Nik Brown, HOOK 1 Fishing Team Manager, shares two events that lead him to always have a PFD on. Thanks to Nik for sharing his stories with us.  Contributed by Nik Brown In light of a recent Blog regarding the use of a Life Jacket (PFD, Personal Continue Reading

PFDs Unnecessary?

  I am a firm believer in debate. Civil, respectful debate. I asked Aaron LaDuke to give me his thoughts on PFDs. His response surprised me because I think it’s not one that is often given blog space. It is often an opinion that shows up in the comments section or discussed at the launch point. I wanted to give Continue Reading

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