Duckett and Molix Partnership Spawns New Baits

Duckett and Molix Partnership Spawns New Baits

On September 8, Duckett Fishing will be launching an all-new line of exclusive bait products in partnership with Molix Baits/Pro Tackles, Inc. MLF/BPT angler and Bassmaster Classic Champion Boyd Duckett tested the full range of Molix bait products and selected the best-of-the-best that would enable anglers to catch more fish. Then, took the best products and chose the perfect fish-catching colors and patterns. 

Sneaky Frog EVO

The Sneaky Frog EVO perfectly combines the strengths of a “frog bait” with the strengths of a topwater bait. Designed to be used as a Walking the Dog lure or to be skipped around cover. The body shape and the hidden weight helps the action and gives it perfect overall balance. The heavy-duty inclined double hook gives improved hookset performance. A captivating and realistic design is guaranteed by the “natural skin” effect on the body and by the 3D scale pattern. 

TW 110B

duckett molix tw110b

The TW 110B is a high-performance topwater. It features a unique UV construction that creates an original and fish-attracting sound unlike any other bait as well as super-strong treble hooks.


duckett molix Sculpo XD

The SCULPO XD is a highly technical crankbait that embodies all the most important features that the fisherman requires in a lure of this category. Created for deep fishing, it has a unique action, innovation, and care for detail. The SCULPO XD has a low profile and one of its features is a unique and very marked wobbling as well as the distribution of the weights inside it (BES) obtained by extensive testing. These features give Sculpo XD a unique swimming motion and outstanding snagless performance among the rocks and stumps for Big Bass.

Thoughts from Molix and Duckett

“The Molix products are known for being high quality and their baits catch fish,” stated Boyd Duckett, owner of Duckett Fishing, LLC. “Anglers will be pleased with the proven bass catching colors and models we’ve selected for our 2021 season offering.”

“Duckett’s rods and reels have a great reputation for high performance,” said Stefano Sammarchi, CEO of Pro Tackles, Inc. “We’re excited to partner with Boyd’s team and contribute to their pro driven product offering.”

The products being produced for Duckett Fishing are now in stock. For details about each family of baits, please visit, or visit the company’s Facebook page at

 About Duckett Fishing

Headquartered in Guntersville, Alabama, Duckett Fishing, LLC works with professional anglers to design, develop, and deliver product at the highest level of performance. Founded by Elite Champion angler Boyd Duckett, Duckett Fishing is committed to providing durable, high-quality products that offer anglers the tools they need to compete with the best in the business. Duckett Fishing rods, reels, and baits can be found online and in outdoor retail locations nationwide.


 About Molix

Headquartered in Molinella, Italy Molix is an Italian brand for production of professional tackles for fishing and outdoors. Here in Italy we design, develop, test, marketing and control all operations that bring our products to the hands of passionate fishermen. Thanks to the continue research and to the innovative design we realize high quality products good to satisfy the needs of the most demanding consumers. Our products are enriched by the knowledge and suggestions of excellent professionals that cooperate with Molix from all over the world especially from the U.S. bass fishing world. Creativity, attention to detail, the ability to innovate while remaining true to ourself, and the desire to seek the extraordinary in the “ordinary” are the masterpieces of our productions.


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