REVIEW: Vont Spark Headlamp

REVIEW: Vont Spark Headlamp

vont spark headlamp review payne outdoorsAs an angler living in the southern United States, to escape the heat in the summer I often fish at night. Being able to see to tie knots, load or unload gear, and even take pictures of my catch are pretty important which makes a good headlamp important. I recently came across the Spark Headlamp from Vont on Amazon (link here) and for a pair of them at $14 figured it might be worth a shot. If the Spark worked great, I had a much less expensive alternative to some other $50 and up options.

I ordered a pair and have been testing the Spark headlamp for the last few weeks, doing some fishing as well as just roaming around in the barn at night looking for random tools while working on a project. Before I get too far into the Pros and Cons though, here is some information:

About the Spark Headlamp from Vont

The Spark Headlamp has 200 lumens, takes three batteries (AAA and not included), and boasts about 90 hours of run time. Additionally, with the batteries in it only weighs three ounces. It also has seven different light modes including red lights, strobe, and SOS. The Spark is also waterproof and drop resistant.

The Good Stuff

The Spark is easy to adjust to fit and the headband strap is comfortable. It’s a soft but rugged fabric that doesn’t make your skin itch if directly on your head and at the same time has ample grip if you put it around a hat you are wearing. It didn’t slip at all.

vont spark headlamp review payne outdoorsThe tilt angle is also nice because your field of view changes between a seated and standing position. This allows you to not have to crane your neck around when moving around in the dark looking for things. A real neck saver.

I felt like the LED lights were plenty bright for everything I would need and didn’t have any issues tying knots at night.

I tested the waterproof claim and it held true. Obviously you wouldn’t want to submerge it for long periods of time but if it’s raining or you drop it in the water, you didn’t just ruin it.

Perhaps the best thing though, at $7 each or $14 a pair, even if you lose one, you have a spare. And if they both were to walk off into the woods, you don’t have to wait on payday to replace them.

vont spark headlamp review payne outdoors

Room for Improvement

I would love to see a 400 or 500 lumen version of this headlamp. The Spark has good reach at night but a wider and brighter beam would be even better and something I’d gladly pay twice the price for. The weight might increase a little for a brighter LED array but probably not by much. I know the tech is already there because of the lantern series they offer.

I would also love to see an action camera attachment of some sort so I could rail mount this to my kayak, bike, or other action camera accessory. Heck, you could also use it for additional lighting for videos with a cam mount option.

Final Thoughts

As you can probably tell, I’m a pretty big fan of this super affordable headlamp. I like it so much I reached out to the company and I am going to be able to give any reader a 10% off coupon for any Vont product they order. They have other headlamps as well as lanterns for those of you needing even more light. Go to this link: and use code 10CHRISPA at checkout.


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