Must-Have Optical Devices for Ardent Fishermen

Must-Have Optical Devices for Ardent Fishermen

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Fishing is one of the most important outdoor activities in the USA, with nearly 40 million Americans embarking on a fishing trip every year.  Taking this into consideration it is not surprising that approximately $21.1 billion is spent on fishing gear in the country annually. While your fishing rod, hooks, line, and bait are undoubtedly of great importance they will all be rendered useless if your visibility is severely compromised. For this reason, it is vital to invest in fishing-related optics such as binoculars, a monocular, and even a quality pair of polarized sunglasses.

Binoculars remain a trusted favorite

Having a pair of binoculars at your disposal can be very beneficial when you are fishing. Not only will they help you spot fish, but identify possible hazards such as sandbanks and rocks as well. Before parting with any money, do some research into the various types of binoculars available on the market. While it may be tempting to opt for the maximum magnification available, there are a number of other features to consider as well. The field of view a pair of binoculars offer is of extreme importance. The narrower it is, the harder it will become to locate what you are trying to view. Other important considerations include individual focus versus center focus, lens coatings, and armoring. If you invest in a pair of dedicated marine binoculars you may be privy to additional features such as a built-in compass, floating straps, and a rangefinder reticle.

Utilizing monoculars

There has been a longstanding debate about which is the better device between binoculars and a monocular. A monocular may essentially be just a singular binocular barrel but it does sport a unique set of benefits. Not only are monoculars obviously smaller in size but they are also significantly easier to use as they can be operated with just one hand. A good monocular will provide you with the same boosted visibility of binoculars, but with substantially less hassle. As with binoculars, there are also a number of things to look for in a good monocular. These include its size and weight, optical quality, field of view, and magnification power. If you are on a tight budget, a monocular may have the added advantage of typically being considerably cheaper than the standard pair of binoculars.

Polarized sunglasses

Any fisherman who has spent a day out on the water will tell you how important a pair of good sunglasses is. Polarized sunglasses, in particular, have garnered somewhat of a universal reputation as being superior to conventional eyewear. This is mainly due to the fact that they not only help you see more clearly but protect your eyes against the elements as well. When light is reflected off the surface of the water it sports an intensity that is nearly 90% higher than what direct sunlight typically is. If you aren’t wearing protective eyewear, this glare can cause permanent damage to your eyes.  When looking for a pair of quality polarized sunglasses be sure to opt for a pair that does not distort your vision in any way as it may influence your ability to spot fish.

Having the right optical gear at your disposal can make your fishing trip not only more successful, but enjoyable as well. Just remember to do some research before parting with any money so that you can be sure you find the best equipment for your budget.

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