flounder_fly He may not be the biggest Flounder, but I achieved my goal to get my first one on the Fly this past Sunday from my Commander 140. I made it a goal of mine late last year to specifically target Flounder with the Fly Rod this coming year when they move back in the river. I shard my idea with T.J. Bettis the owner of Orlando Outfitters and we came up with some colors and patterns to try this year. T.J. also encouraged me to start tying my own flies so that I could play the mad scientist with them. Tying my own flies has turned out to be a very rewarding experience for me, there truly is nothing like catching a fish on a fly you tied. This particular flounder I caught on a Clouser Minnow pattern with a size 2 hook and bead chain eyes. I chose the bead chain eyes because the water depth I am fishing is very shallow and I have plenty of oysters to deal with. I ended up with 4 Flounder for the day with only one on the fly, but that was fine with me. I did come away with a thought from the day. I love that my Commander allows me to do the types of fishing I like to do without any limitations. Scott

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