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An idea to spread the passion for PFD wearing as much as we do to demo before buying from JR Pate. 

Contributed by JR Pate

As you read this there are people looking through internet trying to find the right kayak. They look at hundreds of pictures online & pour through every forum they can find. Soon into their search of forums they see references to Facebook groups.

They find a local group which eventually leads them to the national groups.They are trying to decipher between SOT’s vs Sit ins, Pedal vs Paddle, Cost vs Budget.  They have watched the groups and finally post the questions.. ” Im thinking about a kayak…What do you suggest” or ” I’m looking at Brand X.. Any thoughts or is this a good deal.” We (myself included) offer our insights into the comments of these questions. The longer we have kayaked we began to stress the importance of DEMO, DEMO, DEMO before they buy.

We stress this because maybe we purchased the wrong kayak in the past, we have friends that did or read the horror stories of fellow kayakers. In this moment as we type comments;  we are perceived as the expert. We are starting the wheels to turn and guiding this newcomer to the sport of kayaking fishing.

In light of recent discussions around PFD’s – lets add this as equal importance to the comments.  ” I suggest Brand X based on my experience and make sure you invest in a good PFD.” or ” I would suggest this size paddle and make sure you pick up a good  PFD.” This helps set the stage for the dealers who are asking them to invest in that PFD.

If your are passionate about wearing a PFD – Lets set the tone for the future of the kayaking community. We guide this sport everyday as its ambassadors on social media. I am pledging with this article to wear my PFD every trip, every time in 2015. Chris Payne asked if big vendors could promote the PFD with purchase, lets start this movement with the true caretakers of kayak fishing. Lets share stories how wearing a PDF is important. Lets be as passionate in 2015 about PFD’s as we are when someone asks about Pedal vs Paddle.

If you read this article and are passionate about sharing the importance for wearing PFD’s.. Please share this article with hashtag… #KAYAKPFD2015

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