REVIEW: Logix Baits BB Glide Swimbait

REVIEW: Logix Baits BB Glide Swimbait

Logix Baits BB Glide Payne Outdoors Review Chris Payne Kayak Fishing Outdoor ReviewsI love finding new bait companies to try out their wares and see if I can find a real home run hitter. This week I’m submitting my review for not one but two Logix Baits lures. Up first is the Logix Baits BB Glide, a medium-sized, hard swimbait meant to glide at the top of the water column and trigger strikes. Before we dive into the details, here is some info from Logix.

About Logix Baits BB Glide

Offering the perfect blend of finely tuned action and customized detailing, the Logix BB Glide (Glide) Swimbait delivers all of the attraction needed to keep your rod bent and your livewell full. Built to entice bass with a seductive “S”-Curve actionthe Logix BB Glide (Glide) Swimbait moves back-and-forth with a quick twitch of the rod tip, triggering crushing reaction strikes from followers.

Logix Baits BB Glide Payne Outdoors Review Chris Payne Kayak Fishing Outdoor ReviewsBursting with realism, each Logix BB Glide (Glide) Swimbait is custom-painted by our lure artist from Goldenstatebaits, covered with a premium clear coat, and fitted with lifelike 3D eyes. Equipped with two razor-sharp trebles, the Logix BB Glide (Glide) Swimbait delivers the foremost in quality and performance.

Size Weight  Depth
6″ 1.8 oz Slow sinking

The Good Stuff

The BB Glide has a really nice glide in the water. I could get it to turn between 90 and 180 degrees with different twitch styles. It walks very similarly to a lot of the super high-end glides I have thrown. The included hooks are high quality so you’ll save some money having to switch those out.

At $25, the BB Glide is a great way for anglers to try big swimbaits without breaking the bank and the quality is definitely there. When it says it’s a slow sink, think ROF 2 or 3 maybe. This keeps the bait in the strike zone longer so a bass can make his decision to eat without being rushed. With that slow of a ROF on a broken off cast you might have enough time to get to it to retrieve it.  (To avoid this, lob cast the bait unless you are using really heavy duty gear).

The colors and paint on these are some of the best I have seen. The color I tried out is called Bluegill and then for shad style lakes Logix offers a Copper Shad color.

Copper Shad BB Glide Logix Baits BB Glide Payne Outdoors Review Chris Payne Kayak Fishing Outdoor Reviews
Copper Shad BB Glide from Logix Baits

Special Announcement

Logix Baits is also announcing today, through Payne Outdoors, that the BB Glide will now come in two additional colors, Yellow Perch and Rainbow Trout. Now whether you are hunting for big fish in the North, South, East, or West, you’ll have an affordable glide bait to match the prey.

Logix Baits BB Glide Payne Outdoors Review Chris Payne Kayak Fishing Outdoor Reviews
The NEW Yellow Perch and Rainbow Trout BB Glide from Logix Baits

Room for Improvement

My biggest worry with this bait is the solid resin tail. If you are bomb casting this thing into and around rocks, you may chip the tail or break it off. At $25 sure it’s not as bad as $325 but a potential improvement would be replaceable tails or a slightly more pliable version. The hardtail makes it swim better but a replacement tail would make me feel a little better about long term durability.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the best sub $50 glide baits I’ve ever fished. The responsive back end allows quick turns and a true glide through the water. For the price, it’s worth a shot.


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