REVIEW: Logix Baits Sinister Craw

REVIEW: Logix Baits Sinister Craw

Logix Baits Sinister Craw Payne Outdoors ReviewYesterday I launched the first review of Logix Baits we have done here at Payne Outdoors and today I’m following up with another. For review today I’ll share my thoughts on a 4-inch soft plastic craw from Logix Baits called the Sinister Craw.

About the Logix Baits Sinister Craw

A near perfect craw imitation, the Logix Sinister Craw will make sure your livewell stays full and you always have five when you get to the weigh-in. A great choice as a jig trailer or on a Texas-rig or Carolina-rig, the Sinister Craw features an ultra-lifelike profile and a natural action that bass simply cannot resist. It is also hand-made and poured from super soft plastic that allows it to move with even the slightest rod twitches and still retain the durability necessary to withstand multiple fish catches.

The Good Stuff

I usually use a craw on a jig as a trailer or a shakey head style hook so I need a durable plastic that is soft but doesn’t get destroyed from one single fish nipping at it. The Logix Baits Sinister Craw delivers on that desire. The plastic is thick enough and rigid enough to accept a hook and keep it home while still being able to not be hyper-rigid.


Logix Baits Sinister Craw Payne Outdoors Review


The claws are the other delivery point on durability. The thicker claws flap wildly on the straight swim and have a connection point that won’t give way easily. The buoyancy is also really good. On a shakey head, it will stand upright and allow subtle twitches to trigger a strike as advertised.

The colors that are offered are on point with variations of blacks, greens, plum etc.


Points of Improvement

A couple of suggestions for the Sinister Craw. I’d love to see it in a smaller profile like a 3-inch version for fishing in ultraclear water. I think it might also be good to offer a scented version. Almost every soft plastic on the market smells of some scent or another. Maybe a garlic, fish oil, or coffee scent would be a good addition. Until then, I’ll just hit the clams with some garlic scent and let it fly.

Final Thoughts on the Logix Baits Sinister Craw

I have a feeling the Sinister Craws are going to go fast. A very versatile bait that catches fish and is going to last longer than almost all other soft plastics without the feel of tire rubber. Check them out and let me know what you think!


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