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If you’ve ever fished tournaments, taken a long trip to go fish, or just wanted to save some dollars on lodging, you’ve probably thought about tent camping. One of my least favorite things about tent camping is being on the ground, and no large, flat surfaces to put the tent. Paying for spaces can be a little better but rarely. I’ve spent probably north of 40 nights sleeping in my vehicle to save a few bucks and almost always regretted it. That’s what intrigued me about the Napier Sportz Truck Tent. The tent fits in the bed of your truck (although they also make them for SUVs) and keeps you off the ground and in a mobile campground of sorts.



About the Napier Sportz Truck Tent

Napier offers the only truck tents on the market with a full floor, keeping you clean from your truck and dry from the elements. It costs between $225 and $300 depending on options, size, etc. Features include:
-Large interior area with over 5.7′ of headroom
-Full rainfly provides ultimate weather protection
-Large 4′ x 4′ awning provides shade and a protected spot for bulky gear
-Rear access panel allows you to access the truck’s interior for additional storage and access to power outlets to charge your gear
-Color-coded pole and sleeve assembly makes setup a breeze
-Built-in storm flaps in windows and door provide additional weather protection and privacy
-3 large windows and 2 ceiling vents offer optimal ventilation
-Keep your gear organized with the gear loft, gear pocket and a built-in lantern holder
-Expandable carrying bag for easy storage

napier sportz truck tentThe Good

One of my favorite things about the Napier Sportz Truck Tent are the windows. That may sound odd but when I camp, I like to see what’s going on outside, even in my bedroll. The three large panels make that possible and also help with ventilation in the summer and humid fall.

I also appreciate that the tent has a bottom so even if my truck bed is a little dirty from hauling kayaks, the tent floor stays clean and dry. I also found the tent to be very water repellent and rode out a rainstorm this fall with no issues.

The canopy is also a nice touch as it adds additional shade and water protection. If it’s raining and you go to get into a tent without a canopy, you’re going to get your tent muddy and wet. If you can shed the wet layers, under the canopy and flip off your shoes and dry off, the tent interior stays dry. Nice touch for sure.

napier sportz truck tent 2Room for Improvement

I really wish the Napier Sportz Truck Tent had a higher clearance. It works well for my wife who is 5’2″ but I’m 6’2″ and the Napier only offers about 5’6″ of clearance. Is it a big deal, not so much but if you’re camping multiple days, the hunching over gets a bit old.

I’d also like to see an optional floor mat that could go along as an accessory. The fluted truck bed liner I have sucks on my feet and the tent floor isn’t thick enough to combat that. A foldable floor mat like those kindergarten nap mats would be a great accessory to offer.

Final Thoughts

If you camp a lot and want to reduce costs or are a tournament fisherman looking for cheap lodging, the Napier Sportz Truck Tent is right up your alley.


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