SuperNova Fishing Lights

The original SuperNova Fishing Light is a submersible light that uses green LEDs to attract baitfish and, in turn, larger fish. LEDs draw very little light, so you can run one of these off your fish finder battery for hours. Being green, and submerged, means you will attract baitfish without attracting insects!  Here you can see one hooked up to the battery that sits inside my hatch –

I knew that I wanted blue LEDs on the bow. They provide light for me to see shoreline structure, which makes me a much better nighttime angler, without destroying my night vision. After talking to Dez Davis, the owner of SuperNova, we decided to also put strips on the stern. This identifies where my kayak begins and ends, which makes me much safer at night –

I mentioned that, in the past, I’ve put flashlights inside my hull to make it glow, further identifying me as a kayak. Well, this is what happens when you put two 4′ long strips of white LEDs inside the hull –

Taken all together –

There are other LED strips that are not so obvious. In the tank well are two 3-LED strips in blue. It’s just the right amount of light to help me find stuff in my crate. Here they are while I was in the “mock-up” phase –

In the cockpit, I have two more blue 3-LED strips to give me task lighting when necessary, like tying knots and such.

I can run all of these lights, at the same time, for hours and hours with a normal 12v/7ah fish finder battery.

These lights are available in blue, white, red and green. I normally stay away from green and red, as I don’t want them to be mistaken for navigation lights, but the choice is there for those who want them. Check ’em out at and consider adding some of these products to YOUR fishing arsenal!


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  • December 17, 2012 at 10:51 pm

    That’s gotta be about the slickest mod I’ve seen on a yak yet. Very cool!!!


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