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On my drive to Bayou La Batre, Alabama today one thing drove me crazy and I could not get it out of my head, top water trout fishing!! From the moment I hit the twin spans over Lake Pontchartrain and then all the way into Alabama my mind was racing. When I made the approach to the lake I saw the light fog and slick calm waters, top water dream. I wanted to just pull over and start throwing my Texas Tackle Factory Dummy top water lure so darn bad.

My favorite kind of fishing is throwing a top water lure and I have found the TTF (Texas Tackle Factory) Dummy is the best I have found for my fishing. My favorite color is solid black for foggy and low light conditions and chrome sides for mid morning on. This morning would have been perfect for that black Dummy. Casts like a dream and takes no effort to walk the dog. The walking the dog references to how the lure walks side to side when you twitch and retrieve the lure.

Now, some people think its just that easy, cast out and walk the dog and I will get big trout. I wish it was. You do not get as many fish but with top water lures you get better quality, and the top water explosion is addictive! I like using a topwater parallel along the bank and near structure. If there is a big trout around he will crash it. Not only trout but reds will smash this thing as well. When you see that push of water coming up behind the Dummy your heart gets pumping waiting for the explosion. Catch a 30″ plus red on top and you will understand! Another place I have found very productive for top water is near shelves where depth changes fast. If the water depth is 8′ and shoots up to 3′ I usually find my trout along the ledge. They love to work that shelf. Work points! Big trout love points especially if the water is moving.

Ok, I explained some different areas but there are also different approaches. Some days the same retrieval will not work but others will. It may be a fast retrieve and twitch, a slow and stop, erratic, just keep trying. I usually do best on a medium retrieve with long walks and a pause. Many times trout will inhale it when the lure comes to rest. Now redfish, I think they like the constant movement. If I am looking for reds I use a steady retrieve and keep twitching. When a redfish feeds on top they chase it down and smash it. One of my favorite fish to catch on top for sure.

Never give up on topwater fishing. I hear it all too much that fisherman try it once and do not catch anything so they give up. Keep trying!! The rewards are great believe me. I always have a top water tied on and throw it 90% of the day. My last two tournaments all my quality fish were caught on top using TTF Dummy in black.

Give it a try, walk the dog, and become addicted like me.

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