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Sometimes things just click and go better than expected.  For example, I was surprised when I received a call from the VA gamefish tagging program saying I won an award.  It turns out I tagged the second most spadefish in 2012.

Humbled to be in this group
After looking through my records, I ended up with 60 tagged spades (caught more than that, but didn’t tag them all).  I admit, it was a pretty sweet feeling knowing I accomplished that in a kayak.
So with that jolt of motivation, I ventured out to the Elizabeth River the next day to stick some more fish.  Like I mentioned before, sometimes things just click.  I had all the popular hot spots entirely to myself.  Granted it was a little rainy, but the wind wasn’t too bad.  For a Saturday in February, it felt surreal that no one was there.  And in my solitude, I proceeded to tag trout after trout.  It almost felt like I could do no wrong as MirrOlures, paddle tails, and minnows all found their target.  None were huge (up to 22″), but I had a great time.  Sorry no pics.
A week later, I met up with fellow Werner Paddles prostaff members, Richie Bekolay and Drew Camp to see if we could wrangle up some sweetwater species.
Photo credit: Chip Camp
Optimistic with the recent string of good graces, I took out a brand new paddle (Werner Kalliste) as well as a new reel (Daiwa Lexa 100HS) thinking it was going to be a good day.  Well, as luck would have it, nothing went my way.  The one fish I hooked shook it’s head twice and out came the lure.  I popped off two spinnerbaits while casting and hung a third one in a tree.  Uncharacteristic rookie mistakes plagued me most of the day, but at least I got some decent pics of Richie’s fish.
I may have been pouting as much as this guy.
Richie connected 4 times with two going over 20″.
Drew had one at 16″.
And as hard as I tried I still came home
reaking of Monsieur Le Pew.
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