Welcome to Payne Outdoors

Welcome to Payne Outdoors

Welcome to Payne Outdoors! This is a new venture for outdoorsman Chris Payne. Most of his previous projects revolved strictly around fishing and more specifically kayak fishing. This is Chris branching out a bit.

Joining him on the journey will be family members, friends, and fellow writers who want to talk fishing, camping, hunting, diving, and much more. If you have products you’d love to get some eyes on, let him know. Just understand one thing: you’re going to get the truth.

Chris is a firm believer that there should be a difference between reviews and paid adverting. These days it can be hard to differentiate. Well, except for here. Every review (which will be listed as REVIEW:PRODUCT NAME) will have points of improvement. No exceptions. Every product can be better. If it’s junk, he’ll call it that.

Stay tuned for our official launch in Fall of 2017. Until then, check back weekly for outdoor news and announcements.

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