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Fly Fishing Lunch Hour Challenge

Chris Payne heads out to the creek during his lunch hour to try to find some panfish while fly fishing. During this outing he used an Orvis Battenkill 4/5 reel on an old Eagle Claw 2pc 5wt and slinging a foam spider with green legs....

WHOA! Big Grass Carp on the Fly Video

Drew Ross loves to fish for big fish on the fly. Coming June 1 in Kayak Bass Fishing Magazine Drew will share with us some of his sercrets to success for landing big grass carp on the fly. Until then, check out this video!

Healing Through Fly Fishing

After twelve years in the Marine Corps and four deployments overseas I have seen and done a lot. It was on my fourth and what would end up being my final deployment that my career in the Marines would come to an end. On January...