I Paid To Be Pro Staff

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  1. Sern says:

    Funny its just taking off. Me and a friend use to kayak fish, with fly rods about 10 years ago. Nothing crazier than being 6’1″ 220 lbs and standing up in a sit on top kayak.my friend was much smaller. He could turn around so easy it made me jealous. I think the angler kayaks had just hit Salt Lakes outdoor retailer show that year and they came in cheap.

  2. Sandy says:

    I wrote a blog about this same thing several years back. The fishing industry – while there are tons of participants – has been built on “ego” as the this blogger points out – and that fact that no fishing jersey goes unmade without a ton of “free” advertisements for industry companies. Great for the companies – not so on the anglers side. Advice – forget those companies that want to give you a “pro staff” position with a 10% discount. Get out there, practice, practice, practice and get some good on-water results – put together a good portfolio to give potential sponsors whose product you believe in – and see what happens. Its a tough road – but don’t sell yourself short!

  3. Michael says:

    This is a great article. Thank you for sharing. The key point is work on you!

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