Part 1: One year and 3,400 miles with my Ride 115

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  1. Plasticpirogue says:

    Great write up Juan; still can’t decide on a 115 or a 135, but I can tell you that my next boat will be a Ride.

    • Juan Veruete says:

      Thanks! There’s more to come. If you have any questions about these boats feel free to email me…. get both man! 🙂

      • Reed says:


        Thanks for being so active with your Youtube videos and reviews of the Ride yaks. I’m a bigger guy (6’3 and 265) and I’m debating between the 2013 Ride 115 (I need to haul it in the bed of a smaller pickup) with the low or high seat. The high seat seems nice, but I don’t want to jump in and get the high seat if I won’t feel stabile or if the seat will break easily if I lean forward. I also like to sit side-saddle or with my legs out to the side, so the high seat may make that difficult. I’ve heard of the elevated seat having issues with the thigh rest piece cracking because it is not very pliable (the plastic rivets break at the connection). Is the low seat really that much of a disadvantage compared to the high seat? Does the low seat still allow for your legs to be below your torso when in the Ride? That would do lots for comfort vs legs being parallel. I know the elevated seat fixes that, but if the low seat is still comfy for ~6 hour trips I will likely go with that and upgrade as needed to accommodate the high seat.

  2. Joe Marsico says:

    Hi Juan, Sounds like I know this craft well. I have a 115 and love it . I would like to install a transducer in the hull. Do you have any suggestions for location and adhesives. Thanks pal

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