REVIEW: Bonafide SS127 Kayak

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7 Responses

  1. Great review… What length paddle would you recommend for this boat given the height of the seat?

  2. Paul says:

    I am becoming weary of waiting for this supposed superior kayak. month after month after month go by. No one has them in stock, no one knows when they will ship, everyone wants a deposit. Having been burned too many times, I will never place a deposit. I will purchase when they are physically available. Bonafide lost out on the sale of four kayaks for Christmas this year. For the writer of this story, please make us a pledge – you will not write about or promote any product until it is being shipped.

    • Chris Payne says:

      I won’t pledge to avoid products not available yet. The idea is to discover the pros and cons and let you the consumer know before it is too late. Any kayak can have delays. If you want one when they first come out, regardless of kayak, a deposit is necessary. If you want to wait and hope they have additional stock, that is also an option. Nobody is forcing your hand. Do what makes the most sense for you. Retailers should have them mid-December.

  3. Luther Cifers says:

    There are no delays. It’s been scheduled to start shipping in December since July and is on time.

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