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bobby clark bonafide kayaks
Bobby Clark, the new manager of the Bonafide Promotional Team

Building on the momentum of a successful brand and product launch at the ICAST and Outdoor Retailer trade shows this summer, Bonafide Kayaks is pleased to announce Bobby Clark will lead the company’s team of promotional paddlers/anglers.

“Bobby Clark has been an ambassador of the sport for years, and we’re happy that he will now be leading our team of ambassadors. We’ve put a lot of effort into making sure we build kayaks that meet the needs of kayak anglers, and with Bobby’s help we will now create a team that can help get that message out and make sure our brand is well represented throughout the industry,” says Luther Cifers, Bonafide Kayaks CEO.

Clark has been a bass fisherman since kindergarten. He and his family live in Texas, where he targets redfish and largemouth bass.

“The guys at Bonafide Kayaks are pushing the boundaries in kayak fishing. I’m thrilled to work with a group of well-respected professionals who know how to listen to anglers and how to push the envelope,” says Clark.

Bonafide Kayaks announced its industry launch and product unveiling at the ICAST trade show in Orlando, Florida, this past July, where it introduced its first two kayak models, the SS127 and the SS107. The first in the Sit | Stand series, the SS127 and SS107 are optimized for both stability and paddling performance, and were designed for maximum versatility.

They perform well in a wide range of fishing conditions, and are the result of months of R&D and performance testing.

“These days, kayak anglers are looking for maximum stability,” says Cifers. “The problem is that achieving great stability usually means losing in another area, like reduced paddling performance or added weight. We wanted uncompromised stability. We set out to ‘crack the code’ on hull performance and we think we have achieved that with our new hybrid cat hull design.”

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bobby clark bonafide kayaks

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