Another first for my Commander

I decided to head out for a few hours on this past Saturday in search of some Redfish. There was a full moon the night before and the tide that morning was less than ideal,  but all other excuses aside I thought I would give it a shot. I launched to a beautiful morning with little wind and an awesome sunrise, but just as I feared there was little luck finding fish, even bait fish. I paddled to all of my normal spots; no luck. I finally decided with the clear water this time of the year that I would stand and scout some areas to get a better idea of the layout of the bottom for future trips. I worked some of my normal spots took some notes to add to my logbook and then I wanted to check a set of oyster bars that I have only fished a few times, but wanted to see what the bottom looked like.

As I approached one of the bars, I noticed how the backside of the bar dropped off to a nice shelf too perfect not to hold a Redfish. I made a cast and started working the lure back to me, and was able to see the Red just destroy my lure. I had always wondered in the back of my mind what would happen with the first fish I caught standing up in the Commander. “Well, here’s was that stand up test.” The Commander did great, it really felt like I was standing in a full-size fishing boat. Very stable, very easy to set the hook and very easy  land the fish. It was exactly what you would expect out of such a stable platform.

After I caught the Redfish I decided to switch to my Fly Rod for the remainder of the trip. which is also surprisingly easy to cast from the Commander. Although I had no luck with the Fly Rod I learned new things about one of the areas that I like to fish and I had a great mornng on the water.

Scott (TideCaster)


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Chris Payne

A lifelong Texan, Chris Payne has been an outdoor enthusiast his entire life and has spent the last 15 years fishing mainly from a kayak. He is known for his thorough and helpful reviews as well as how to articles for nearly everything kayak fishing related. If you have questions or comments, you can leave them on this post or email Chris at:

One thought on “Another first for my Commander

  • February 2, 2013 at 9:02 am

    That’s great Scott and thanks. As you know we have our first East Coast div tournament next weekend and reading a good report like this helps us greatly. We can’t wait to fish the Mosquito Lagoon and your article just made the wait even worse. See you there and thanks again for a great article.
    Capt. Pat Horrigan

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