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Quality fishing gear is not inexpensive. However, with just a little preparation, we can not only get more out of our gear, but also ensure that it will last longer. For me, one of those little preparation tips is to preserve my cork handles.

Applying a furniture cleaner/polish will accomplish three things for me –
1. It will preserve the cork so that it will last longer.
2. It will give the cork a bit of tack, so that wet hands have a better grip.
3. It will darken the cork some, so that it will not show the dirt as well.

Step 1 is to begin with clean cork. I’m a brand Ambassador for Temple Fork Outfitters, so I will demonstrate with 3 new TFO rods, 2 casting and one spinning, all rated Medium. As you can see, they come with the cork protected with shrink-wrapped plastic.

Step 2, after the plastic has been removed, is to apply a medium coat of furniture cleaner/polish. I like to coat each piece, let the pieces set for a few minutes and go back over them after the cleaner/polish has had a chance to soak in.



Step 3 is simply to wipe off the excess. In this case, the Hawg Tech handle on this reel has cork paddles, so I treated them, too!


Obviously, you can repeat this as often as necessary, but for most folks, that will be once a year. It only takes a few minutes, but you’ll be amazed at how much longer your cork will last and the advantage that having a little bit of tack will make.

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