Crescent Kayaks LiteTackle and UltraLite First Look

Crescent Kayaks LiteTackle and UltraLite First Look

Crescent Kayaks, a long time manufacturer of recreational kayaks has introduced their first offering into the fishing kayak niche. The Crescent LiteTackle and Crescent UltraLite are sub-$1,000 fishing kayaks that have high end appointments and are built for multi-water performance. Both of these kayaks are made in America and are built for rigidity to survive harsh conditions on the water. Most of the prototype testing has taken place on rocky rivers with current. This isn’t overseas, mass produced, flimsy plastic. It’s tough, American Made awesomeness! Expect to see these at dealers across the US before April 1.

Crescent Kayaks LT Light Tackle and Ultralight Payne Outdoors

Crescent LiteTackle $899

Crescent Kayaks LT Light Tackle Quarter Shot Payne OutdoorsThe Crescent LiteTackle checks in a 12 feet four inches long, is 34 inches wide, boast a weight capacity of 450 pounds and weighs 75 pounds. The LiteTackle uses solid, anodized aluminum carry handles at the bow, midships and stern, has a large,covered rotomolded front hatch for storage, a frame seat, and a trolling motor ready transom. The accessory track both midships and aft are from YakAttack and provide lots of mounting options.

Crescent Kayaks LT Light Tackle Specs Payne Outdoors

The LiteTackle comes in four different color options: Moss, Sand, Tangerine, and Aqua.

Crescent Kayaks LT Light Tackle Colors Payne Outdoors

Crescent UltraLite $699

Crescent Kayaks Ultralight Ink Payne OutdoorsThe Crescent UltraLite has many of the qualities of its big brother the LiteTackle. The hatch up front is smaller and the transom is rounded off and contains a single stern carrying handle. It still has the flush mount rod holders, YakAttack tracks and a frame seat. At 46 pounds and 10 feet long, this is the true embodiment of a throw and go boat. Want to bang around a narrow river or creek? This is a great platform for that. Want a great boat for a smaller adult or a kid that won’t fail on you like a poorly made import? This could be a great fit for that as well.

Crescent Kayaks Ultralight Specs Payne OutdoorsThe Crescent UltraLite comes in four colors as well: Ink, Sand, Tangerine, and Aqua.

Crescent Kayaks Ultralight Colors Payne Outdoors


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  1. I have been watching these guys for a while now. Glad to see they are getting a bit more into fishing platforms. These have good clean decks, just the right amount of frills and in the right places.
    Looking forward to paddling one or both of these around and fly fish from them.

  2. Hi Chris, thank you so much for keeping us updating about your weekly your weekly catches, your story inspires me to be a good kayaker and fisher

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