G.Loomis and Shimano Announce Conquest Rod Line

G.Loomis and Shimano Announce Conquest Rod Line

Bringing together G. Loomis design expertise and proven rod actions with Shimano’s core blank technology provides bass anglers with Conquest – a 12 rod line-up introduced through a joint collaboration between G. Loomis and Shimano product development staffs. The new Conquest series includes eight casting rods with G. Loomis’ original ‘Mag Bass’ fast action tapers, and four ‘Spin/Jig’ fast action spinning rods.


With blanks rolled to exact G. Loomis specifications by Shimano incorporating its proprietary Spiral X and Hi-Power X processes, and then hand-finished at the G. Loomis facility in Woodland, Wash., G. Loomis’ rod engineer David Brinkerhoff calls Conquest “the most technologically advanced bass rods on the water. Depending on the model, these rods are up to 10-percent lighter than even our NRX rods, and due to the Shimano Spiral X and Hi-Power X blank manufacturing, anglers will experience a whole new set of performance standards in a bass rod.”

Through the combined Spiral X and Hi-Power X technologies, the Conquest (CNQ) rods provide longer, more accurate casts, along with increased fish-fighting power and solid hook-setting leverage. Brinkerhoff notes the blank construction process reduces unintentional rod twist, “adding not only to casting distance and pinpoint accuracy, but also makes the Conquest rod much more durable due to an increased resistance to blank ovalization. When hooked up, anglers will quickly notice the rods don’t twist – you’ll experience better hookset, plus more rod control when fighting and pulling on big fish.”

Conquest G.Loomis Shimano

Following the blank manufacturing, the rods are sent to the G. Loomis facility for finishing. In Woodland, G. Loomis custom ‘skeleton’ reel seats are installed on the full cork contoured grip casting rods, while the split grip spinning rods receive Shimano’s proprietary CI4 reel seats. The blank-through handle design for both rod versions adds to the overall sensitivity, as does the use of Fuji high performance Torzite guides. For the tip guide, a durable SIC Titanium guide is featured.

When using the Conquest casting rods, anglers will experience G. Loomis’ original ‘Mag Bass’ fast action tapers with the available 6-foot-6-inch CNQ 782C MBR and 783C MBR, the 7-foot CNQ 842C MBR, 843C MBR and 844C MBR, and the seven-foot-six-inch CNQ 903C MBR, 904C MBR and 905C MBR. “A good number of bass anglers will notice the Conquest 843C MBR as being one of the most versatile rods in our line-up,” said Brinkerhoff. “It’s perfect for jigs and soft plastic creature baits, including soft jerkbaits. And if you are more into fishing heavy cover for big bass, check out the Conquest 905C MBR – the extra length gives the option of flipping, pitching or standard casting in both deep and shallow water.”

Conquest G.Loomis ShimanoThe Conquest spinning rods, featuring G. Loomis’ ‘Spin/Jig’ fast action tapers, include the six-foot-six-inch CNQ 782S SJR, seven-foot 842S SJR and 843S SJR, and the seven-foot-six-inch 902S SJR.  “The Conquest 782S SJR is the ideal light-duty rod for fishing soft plastics – tubes, grubs, even small hollow body swimbaits,” Brinkerhoff notes. “And for clearer, deeper waters – especially for use when smallmouths, the long-casting Conquest 902S SJR is perfect with soft plastics and jigs.”

As anglers would expect when seeing G. Loomis and Shimano names on fishing tackle, “the Conquest rods are a definitive leap in rod design and manufacturing,” said Brinkerhoff. “The efforts from everyone involved – both within the companies and our field reps and pro staff members, are providing bass anglers with something very special.”

For more information on the next step into the future of bass rods, view the Conquest section at www.gloomis.com, call 800-GLoomis, or inquire about them at your favorite fishing tackle shop.

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