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At the 5th Annual YakAttack Kayak Fishing Tournament, I received a section of GTSL90. GT is the GearTrac made by YakAttack. The SL designates the new GearTrac made of polymer. I have no idea what sort of formulation Luther used to produce this track, but this stuff is STRONG! It’s also incredibly light and, I suspect, will be impervious to the weather.

I chose to mount mine on the top side rail of my YakAttack BlackPak. Ever since receiving a BlackPak, that has been the optimal place for my VISICarbon Pro, also by YakAttack. I like the extra height it gives my light/flag, and is still close enough to me that it doesn’t get in the way of my back cast. However, previous to the addition of the GTSL90, I had to fully screw the VISICarbon Pro in place each time I hit the water. Now, a simple half turn and the VISICarbon Pro slides right on and off!

Installation was straightforward. I chose my location, drilled 3 holes and mounted the GearTrack using the hardware supplied. This stainless steel hardware included nylon locking nuts, washers and Allen head screws. It even came with its own Allen wrench! I’m a big fan of this screw head design and it is much harder to strip and is theft-resistant. Not many folks carry a set of Allen wrenches with ’em.

Look for YakAttack GTSL in various lengths and colors SOON!

GTSL90 mounted on a BlackPak for my VISICarbon Pro


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  • June 3, 2013 at 9:28 am

    I’m putting some on my new Ride 135 KRC. I’m waiting for the other colors to come on the market. FYI I always have a set of Allen wrenches on me : )

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