Megabass Revamps Orochi XX Series Rods

Orochi XX MegabassSince its debut in 2013, the Orochi XX series has embodied the intersection between Japanese rod technology and North American bass fishing. Dedicated to inspiring American anglers to new heights, the Megabass development team constantly pursues new technologies to ensure that each rod continues to earn its place in angler’s hands. With the introduction of X47-ASL Metal Fiber Blanks (“kabt”) in the Orochi xXx in Japan in 2017, the Orochi XX was inspired to begin its next evolution. Now, after careful testing and refinement in Japan, the US, and Canada, the next stage of Orochi XX’s journey is ready to begin.


Cherishing the trust anglers have placed in the Orochi XX, the new 2018 models have been redesigned to deliver clear performance gains and refinement—all while staying true to the core characteristics and intuitive feel of their predecessors.

Leveraging kabt™  (pronounced ‘kabutoh’), an innovative metal microfiber material, the newly designed Orochi XX demonstrates greater lifting power, torque, lightness, and crispness. The astonishing tensile strength and tenacious resilience of the kabt‘s metal microfiber material is woven into a layered, multi-axis arrangement that reinforces the butt-section of each blank, replacing the 1st generation’s old carbon wrap to deliver a superior power-to-weight ratio and more decisive lifting power and control.

Orochi XX Megabass


Each model utilizes low-resin carbon of varying tonnage throughout its blank. By matching the desired bend-characteristics of each point to the ideal tonnage, each blank is able to realize ever-greater potential—which translates into silky-smooth load transfer across all taper-types for intuitive casts and feel. Finished with new Micro Pitch Taping—which remains un-sanded for maximum durability and performance—sensitivity is further sharpened across all models, bringing new dimension to bottom-contact applications.


Each model has undergone subtle refinement to taper, bringing each application-specific model ever-closer to its ideal. Balance-points have been re-calibrated in response to the lighter overall weight of the new Orochi XX, painstakingly chosen through real-world testing. Megabass original Spiral Architect Reel Seat improves ergonomics and increases contact area with the exposed blank for better feel. Upgraded full-cork handles feature clean tapers and an accent ring for subtle polish. Upgraded Fuji® Stainless SiC guides are double-wrapped on heavy-action models, and placement is tuned to the unique properties of each blank.

Orochi XX MegabassThe new Orochi XX represents not only an evolution in performance and design, delivering greater sensitivity, lifting power, crispness and refinement—it also stands as a testament to Megabass’ dedication to the American angler. Because every cast matters.

Available April/May 2018

Orochi XX Megabass

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