Today I received a present in the mail from a close fishing buddy. The mystery jigs are new to the scene in the long lineup of jig producing companies. Today it is hard for a company to come up with newly designed jigs, however I think in the case of jigs, why try to change a proven lure design? And at what point does the change take it away from it being a jig?

First thing that I noticed is that each lure is hand made and time is taken on detail with the paint that is on the indestructible side of tough. I have been told that during testing the paint didn’t initially standup to beating against rocks (that has been corrected), and the results have been perfect. Made with Mustad and Trokar hooks, these jigs were made for heavy lifting.

Naturally the designer had to implicate the California rule and appeal to the masses of toads that it’s meant to wrangle in by creating a custom color design that I have not personally seen in the bottom dragging world of skirted jigs. Enter the Rainbow Trout! A California largemouth bass favorite.

I am a big advocate for bottom dragging, personally I just don’t use spinners. Consequently I am a jig collector and cannot wait to add more of these to my lineup. As a tester for these I have the unique privilege of adding input to their design, so rest assured they will by the end of their design process have a California and Texas fish seal of approval.

If you think that you have jigs as good as they come, wait till you experience these toad wranglers. It’s a difference you can feel!

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Tight Lines,
Joshua “Kayak” Christensen

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