Jen Mues caught up with rising star Kristine Fischer to talk about life, adventures, and her new gig as a kayak angling guide in Nebraska. 

Kristine Fischer comes from the great state of Nebraska where she is a phenomenal athlete as well as an asset to young women around the world.
I would like share with you a piece to get to know this amazing, up and coming example of a selfless woman who has devoted her life to the outdoors and getting back to the “important places.”
Kristine’s passion and love for the outdoors is unmatched. You can find Kristine fishing in her kayak in Delay Beach Florida’s catching sailfish or near the mountains of beautiful Alberta Canada


Kristine has recently become a fishing guide for KayakJak Outfitters in Eastern Nebraska and has been teaching men, women and children the ropes of kayak angling alongside one of our kayak angling founding fathers, the great Marty Hughes. Kristine is known to catch massive northern pike and here lately challenging herself to catch these huge beasts on the fly.
Kristine says, “The best thing about this is getting kids excited about the outdoors.”

Kristine writes, “Woke up to a this picture and a text from these fellas mother saying how much they enjoyed their trip and how they couldn’t stop talking about it.” “Hearing them talk about how all they want to do every hour of the day is fish.”

Kristine talks about how eager they were to learn about different jigs and weather tips. “Seeing those giant smiles at the end of the trip is soul-smashingly awesome,” says Fischer.

Fischer enjoys every season whether hunting or fishing.


Kristine is also an avid hunter with exceptional archery skills.
Fischer can be found hunting waterfowl and turkey. If there is a season Kristine is likely enjoying it!


On August 21st of this year Fischer reached out to with a post she made on that evening after hearing the floods in Louisiana had affected so many.
She wrote:

Hey everyone.
Please take the time to read this. Out of all of my posts, this is one I hope will impact you the most.

I’ve been reading a series about giving, and living your life in the second mile. I would normally never think of myself as “rich”, but as I was on my way to Cabela’s to buy a few more fishing rods, I stopped when I noticed the 12 rods already in my back seat. I felt incredibly selfish. Between the political banter, the riots and the killings, the newsfeed is full of families in Louisiana who have lost everything in the flood, and families devastated by the fires in the west.

I reached out to a church in Louisiana, asking them if they could recommend a family who could really use help. They messaged me back immediately with a family of 5.

“Great family with common struggles. The father has struggled to find a good paying job for some time. They barely make ends meet. Then their house was unexpectedly flooded. Literally unexpectedly. They had about 5 minutes to get out of their house. They ended up with about 4-5 feet of water in their home and practically lost everything, including two cars that they couldn’t get out in time. It will probably be a legal fight to get some money to rebuild their home. Meanwhile, The father depends on sales for his income and obviously the sales market will look quite differently in our area for some time. So they are discouraged…but hopeful. The church has helped gut their home and now they have to wait to see what the rebuilding process will look like. They are staying with another family in the meantime. An unexpected care package will truly minister to them.”

I am going to take this week to put together a care package for this family. When I asked the church said they are a musical, artsy family. Besides money, I would like to include gifts to personalize the package.

The very best thing we can do as human beings, regardless of our religious or political beliefs, is to spread the message of love. While others are fighting and wallowing in self pity, this family has remained strong and steadfast in their faith, helping their neighbors despite losing all they had. I looked them up on Facebook, and was almost brought to tears because of how relentlessly positive they were. I would like to create an opportunity to give them some additional hope.

I am going to send an anonymous package out next week. If anyone has any ideas on what else I can include for a family who loves music and art, (kids ages 21, 19, 17, 14) and or would like to include words of encouragement or any donations of any sort, please message me. Above all else, please count your blessings, be thankful for everything that you have, and remember little acts of kindness could be life changing to others. Thanks guys.

As a Facebook friend I was lucky enough to catch this selfless act of kindness. These are the random acts of kindness that set Fischer apart from the rest.


Kristine was recently invited as a guest speaker at Park View Christian School in Lincoln Nebraska, where she spoke to young children and gave a presentation on her outdoor experiences. Kristine was given a giant bag of cards from the elementary for that same family of the Louisiana flood. Kristine would go on to add the children’s cards and later sent out care packages to that very family.

Conventional or fly, Fischer enjoys chasing different species with different tactics in different places.


I have personally watched Fisher lead by example and courageously go out alone in this big outdoor world full of strength and moxy conditioning herself to a beating from nature’s unpredictable elements. I have watched her compassion for others, her welcoming demeanor and have seen her competitive side while I trailed just behind her this tournament season.
Kristine finished in the top 5 of Kayakapalooza. This November, we met up again at Lake Fork Texas where she fished amongst the best of the best in the Yak4It Tournament Of Champions. Fisher is an idol for all young women. I know my daughter and others like her look up to Fischer as a female in the great sport of Kayak Angling.

I have personally seen her fight for equality in a world where men are prevalent and persevere even in adversity. I find this to be a quality that only the strong will display. Fischer is mentally and physically sound, she is prepared to deliver and to be her very best.

A day in the mind of Kristine Fischer could prove to be an adventure in and of itself. Watching Kristine succeed is simply the greatest feeling. As a woman with the same passion, I am going to join forces with individuals like myself. She is certainly a woman I too look up to.


Kristine Fischer is an angler to watch for the 2017 season. I will be casting my vote for this woman as she has proven to be deserving of this great honor. Fisher is headed down the right path and encouraging women and children around the globe. Kristine has an impeccable resume considering her young age. A few months back she was working with Heroes On The Water which is a local organization for veterans that specializes in getting our service men and women on the water. Kristine has been very involved in her community and should be recognized for such great achievements.


The photos included in this article were take by Fischer. She is full of talent and a great photographer. Be sure to follow Kristine On Facebook and watch this young lady as she establishes her career one adventure at a time!

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