Pets on Road Trips: 5 Tips to Help You

Pets on Road Trips: 5 Tips to Help You

Most people would love to take car trips with their pets. However, what some don’t understand is how to make it work.

Pets are fun. As in I want my dog every day of my life. But for people who don’t know how to travel in the company of a pet, such drives can be stressful. With thoughtful preparation, the kind you only find in this article, you can make sure that all of you (you, your pet, and other companions) have a comfortable trip.

Pets Travel Road Trip TipsPreparing For The Ride

Packing everything that asserts your pet happiness, comfort, and health translates to less rude surprises while on the road. Having these must-haves will make the trip worth the hassle.

Identification tag

Losing a pet with no ID is bad. Getting your pet a collar with an ID increases the chances of recovering it if the animal escapes. The collar ID should include the dog’s name, your phone number, proof of rabies shot, and even your name. To make the recovery process more confident, always keep a picture of your dog in the car.

Food, water, and bowls

Planning to have a long drive? Pack ample supplies of food, water, and feeding bowls. Pack only what your pet is accustomed to; that includes diet and food bowls. Testing new foods on the road can combine with motion sickness to give unpleasant reactions ruining the whole deal.

Packing Accessories

Bring blankets for bedding. Don’t forget the waste disposal baggies for resting stops. Also, pack some pet washcloths. cleaning your dog is a priority

Pets Travel Road Trip TipsGet A Comfortable Crate Or Carrier

Pets, and in particular dogs love to travel with their heads hanging from the window and ears feeling the soft breeze. But that is not safe. Should you need to stop abruptly, your dog becomes a projectile. Also, unsecured pets do cause accidents. Crating your pet when driving minimizes distractions; making the trip safer for the travelers. Make sure the carrier is firmly secured.

Always secure your pet in a well-ventilated carrier. You can go for wire mesh, hard plastics, or even soft-sided carriers. Whichever your preferences, just make sure it’s spacious enough for your pet to lie down, turn around, sit or stand on. The idea is to have your pet feeling free; so give your pet some breathing room. Also, train your pet to adapt to that crate, especially if you’re making long rides.

If having carriers is not an option, consider buying a harness that can be fastened to your car’s safety belt. The harness gives your dog more freedom but also protects the dog from lurching. Barriers too can come in handy, especially when securing a pet in open spaces such as in van, wagons, or SUVs. Purchase restraints that can withstand the weight of your pet and can also be harnessed to the vehicle’s interior framework.

Feeding Your Pet

Just like people, pets can also be prone to motion sickness. As such, feed the animal long before you get into the car. For example, consider feeding him three hours before departure. Avoid feeding the pet while on the move. No matter how long the drive is, keep him fed way before the journey starts.

Some pet parents cannot resist the urge of feeding their adorable animals. Wait till you break from the road. But even so go for high protein pet foods. After feeding, play or walk the pet to rid it of pent-up energy.

Pets Travel Road Trip TipsTrain Your Pet For The Drive

Gearing your pet for the trip ahead prepares the animal for the ride. Start by taking short drives like to the grocery. With time lengthen the travel. Preparing it for travel reduces tension, making the journey more comfortable.

Take A Break And Recharge

Never leave the pet alone in a parked car. Remember that a car can be a furnace on hot days or a refrigerator on cold weather. Too much heat induces a heatstroke, and freezing interiors can freeze your pet to death. When it is time to get a break. take your pet with you. It also needs the fresh air and walking it also reduces exhaustion and relieves tight muscles.


With enough preparations, there is no reason why you have to leave your pet behind when taking a drive Just prepare to make your pet a happy traveler. The more homework you do for your pet, the better the journey. As long as the animal is safe, comfortable, and relaxed, nothing is preventing you from having maximum fun with your best friend.


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