REVIEW: Crescent SUP+ Stand Up Paddleboard

Crescent SUP+ Review Payne Outdoors Stand Up Paddleboard Rotomolded Made in the USAStand up paddleboards have become a new trend over the last three years for anglers looking to fish a simpler, shallower way. Crescent Kayaks jumped into that market earlier this year with the Crescent SUP+, a stand up paddleboard, equipped with a chair for when you get tired, flush-mounted tracks for fishing accessories like rod holders, and a molded skeg to keep the SUP+ on track. How does the Crescent SUP+ measure up? Let’s discuss.

UPDATE: I have received confirmation from Crescent that all new SUP+ boards come standard with side handles! 

About the Crescent SUP+ $799

The SUP+ was hand-shaped by Steve Brom, a renowned surfboard, kayak, and paddleboard designer located in world-recognized surf location Santa Barbara, California. Brom effortlessly created this paddleboard kayak hybrid with a catamaran-style hull, which includes a large molded skeg creating a hybrid design with superior stability and paddling performance.

The SUP+ has integrated design features such as large open self-bailing deck, universal gear tracks, custom cut pad kit, and power pole mounting plate at the stern. The SUP+ includes Crescent’s own custom seat. The frame is made from powder-coated marine aluminum, and the textiles are milled in Georgia and hand-sewn in South Carolina.  As true with all Crescent products, this hybrid kayak/paddleboard is made in the USA from the highest quality U.S. resins.


LENGTH 11’ 10”

The Good Stuff on the SUP+

The first thing I noticed on the SUP+ was the stability. The catamaran design utilizes the water channels to basically vacuum seal you to the water. The board doesn’t try to slide out from underneath you like many others because the hull isn’t just a flat bottom. This also means that the wind doesn’t spin you down the river.

Crescent SUP+ Review Payne Outdoors Stand Up Paddleboard Rotomolded Made in the USA
The catamaran-style hull provides added stability and tracking.

I really appreciated the flush-mounted gear track. Several other boards I have tested have track but it sticks up so if you are barefoot on a board or trying to get back on after falling off, you could get some significant scrapes. Also on the deck is an aesthetically pleasing mat that gives traction and servers also as drain channels for water. If you look at the center of the board you’ll notice it is raised slightly which also reduces pooling.

Crescent SUP+ Review Payne Outdoors Stand Up Paddleboard Rotomolded Made in the USA

The removable seat is a nice addition. As a bigger man over 40 years of age, sitting on the deck just isn’t fun anymore and it hurts my back after a while. Having a framed seat with back support is really nice and allows me to treat the SUP+ like a fast kayak if I want. While we are talking nice additions, the mounting point for a Micro Power Pole in the back is a nice touch too for folks who might use it as a flats stalker.

The SUP+ is fast and holds a line better than any other SUP I’ve paddled. The molded skeg plays a huge part in that.

Crescent SUP+ Review Payne Outdoors Stand Up Paddleboard Rotomolded Made in the USA

Some Points of Improvement

Side handles. Please add them. This Crescent SUP+ has handles in the front and back and a semi carve out on one side. With the width of the board and no real grab point, it’s near impossible to car top or shelve by yourself. I added a pair of handles midships where there is mounting space and used wellnuts to secure them. After that, I had no issue loading and unloading the SUP+ onto my car.

Crescent SUP+ Review Payne Outdoors Stand Up Paddleboard Rotomolded Made in the USA
The side handles I added to allow for solo loading.

There is a bit of a flat space near the back of the SUP+ that can pool water if there is any chop or a lot of paddle splash over a day. With so much thought going into the water channeling upfront, it seemed curious that the back didn’t echo that design. It’s not a deal breaker by any means but stood out as something a small center rise or fluted deck could fix.

Not necessarily a point of improvement but a note on paddling the SUP+: It is fast and paddles straight but just as with a kayak, the channeled water makes it more difficult to turn. If you are fishing fast water and need maneuverability, this might not be a great fit. Slow water and open water, it’s great.

Final Thoughts on the Crescent SUP+ Stand Up Paddleboard

If you are looking for a rigid, rotomolded SUP platform that you can fish from, this is a great option. With a price point right at $800, it’s less expensive than a great majority of the market, has more features and frankly, looks better. If this is a second kayak style vessel for you, all those rail mount accessories work on the SUP+ too. If you need to get shallow, want the simplicity of a SUP, and want to avoid an inflatable option, I don’t think there is anything that can beat it.

Crescent SUP+ Review Payne Outdoors Stand Up Paddleboard Rotomolded Made in the USA

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