Review: Mojo Super-Tec Fishing Shorts

mojoI don’t fish in shorts a whole lot. It’s not for the reasons you might think like sun protection or unsightly scars. I actually don’t fish in shorts 90% of the time because of comfort. Yes, comfort.

It sounds weird I am sure but it has been very hard for me to find a pair of shorts that are comfortable to wear and durable enough to withstand the paces that I put them through. I’ve bought from a lot of major brands and they all have flaws or areas of improvement that make them less than desirable. That usually entails design issues.

First off, I don’t like fishing shorts that are lined like swim trunks. Not my style, I don’t go commando so shorts like that are out. I also am not going elastic scrunchy waist line. Sorry. If i am paying $40 or more for fishing shorts they won’t be glorified wind pant cutoffs. I also need functional pockets. I often like to bank stomp with my kids which means carrying pliers, sometimes weights or other baits in my pockets. A super lightweight material in the pockets gets ripped and then I lose my keys or tackle out of my pockets. Nope. Not going to do it.

That brings me to today’s review. Perusing the internet I discovered Mojo Sportswear. They are based out of Florida and I saw a lot of board shorts but then something caught my eye. Super-Tec Fishing Shorts. How “super” could they be? At an MSRP of $55 the bar of expectations was set high. I ordered a pair and out them through the ringer over almost a month. Here is what I found. mojo super-tec technical fishing shorts

The Good:

The first thing I noticed was the material. It seemed more outdoorsy, rugged if you will, than other shorts I had purchased. The material was thin but had a parachute type feel. Tough and lightweight is a good combination. The next thing to pop was the lined pockets. Mojo uses a material much thicker than anyone else I have seen in the critical pocket areas. You can see it in the pictures as the black material. Though sliding pliers and other gadgets in and out of these pockets they haven’t worn, torn or grabbed. Another good thing to have. Something I didn’t think about initially but discovered when I put them on is the button and adjustable waist band. My weight tends to fluctuate through the seasons, hydration levels, hunger levels and so on. Having a waist that adjusts to that means buying fewer pairs of shorts. (So does durability). The button is also very nice. It is an attached metal button. It’s not sewn on with thread. It actually acts as more of an attached rivet. Think of button fly jeans except just the top button. Rugged and dependable.

Room for Improvement:

I am not what you would call a full figured dude. I am 6’2″ and 180 pounds. My legs aren’t tree trunks like a lot of my friends and my build resembles a cross country runner more than a linebacker. That being said, these shorts were a bit blousey for me. When I sat in the kayak they would catch wind. There is a lot of fabric. What would be great for guys with bigger legs didn’t work out as well for my, I’ll go ahead and say it, chicken legs. If your quads are ever more than parallel toward your chest, they’ll ride up. Big guy, these are perfect for you. Smaller guys could use a slightly more athletic fit. Or maybe I just need to do a bunch more squats.  The other thing that I’d like to see an upgrade on is the zipper. In the whole scheme of the shorts the zipper seemed to be the last thought. It has fine teeth that are nylon which are good but if the pressure is put on it I don’t know that it would still function. Again, a minor detail but one I noticed.

Overall Thoughts:

Really the big question is would I buy another pair. The answer to that is probably. $55 puts it in the Columbia, 5.1 Gear range. I personally think the quality is as good and exceeds in a couple of areas (read pockets and button). If I could get them on the reg for $40, I’d buy more. I do know there are coupons and sales that you can catch them at even lower than $40 prices but you have to hit it right. I’ll have the Super-Tec Fishing Shorts on my radar for sure. If you want to learn more you can go to Super-Tec Fishing Shorts.

The specs that Mojo lists on the site are as follows:

Loaded with every feature you can think of and even some you can’t!

100% Rip Stop Supplex® Nylon Fabric
Roomy Front & Rear Pockets
Cargo Pockets with Velcro Closure
Denier Lined Tool Pockets
Nylon Zipper Fly
Interior Adjustable Waistband
Belt Loops
Lanyard Clips
Embroidered “Mojo” Logo on Left Cargo Pocket & “Hook” Logo on Right Rear Hip
Available Colors: Khaki, Blue, Navy
Inseam 10″
Sizes: 28-44 even



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  • July 28, 2015 at 11:45 am

    They sound like a quality pair of shorts. Glad you found some that are comfortable for you. Thanks for sharing!

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