REVIEW: Robohawk Phone Hawk Phone Leash

REVIEW: Robohawk Phone Hawk Phone Leash

Robohawk Phone Hawk Phone Tether Review Payne Outdoors

Phone leashes have gained popularity as both recreational kayaking and kayak fishing have grown. Whether a tournament angler or just a weekend paddler, taking pictures is often a part of the experience. That experience can turn really bad if your phone slips out of your pocket and into the water, especially when the water is more than a couple of feet deep. The Robohawk Phone Hawk phone leash aims to prevent that soured experience. It’ the latest in a series of leashes we are trying out.

About the Robohawk Phone Hawk Phone Leash

Don’t be afraid to use your phone on the water again.  The Phone Hawk is placed between your phone and the back of your phone case to securely tether your phone.  Our Phone Hawk is tethered with a small tool leash to give you enough stretch to use your phone, but to keep it nearby if you accidentally drop it.

The Phone Hawk comes in 20 different colorways and retails for $15.99

The Good Points

The Phone Hawk has a very creative way to secure your phone. Understanding that most people use a case of some sort on their phone, it leverages that trapped surface area between the case and the phone to create a connection point for the tether.

I greatly appreciate the forethought that went into the addition of the small tool leash with this packaging. Without it, the phone leash would be too short. I would also consider these microleashes which is a good thing for a phone. I don’t need large coils and 12 feet of reach with a phone leash. Keep it close to me, and hold the phone tight. The leash will stretch up to eight feet if needed but the tight coils keep it around 12 inches from carabiner to carabiner.

The carabiners are higher grade than I have seen on some other leashes and the leash itself is not just wound weedeater line. Some thought went into the fit and finish of the Phone Hawk.

Points of Improvement

Stating the obvious, this phone leash won’t work for you if you don’t have a phone case. If you do, you will most likely be taking the leash out of the case after each trip (unless you want a small carabiner hanging off of it). This potentially poses a problem if people forget to leash their phone in the truck by having to open a case on the water to put the Phone Hawk square piece in between the case and phone.

I’d also love to see a thin but more rigid option for the placard that sits between the phone and the case. Potentially a more rigid piece of plastic or aluminum that would be less effected over time by moisture.

Final Thoughts

Keeping an investment like a phone safe on the water is important. If you have a case that will work with the Phone Hawk from Robohawk, it would definitely be worth checking it out.

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