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Yak Gear Camo Kayak Cover & Hunting Blind Photo 2

YakGear Launches Ambush Hunting Camo Kayak Cover & Hunting Blind

YakGear’s latest product release is a hand up to on-the-water hunters. Now available through and local YakGear dealers, the Camo Kayak Cover & Hunting Blind, part of YakGear’s new Ambush Hunting line, keeps hunters safely under wraps while still allowing access to the areas around them. The product’s Realtree Max-5 pattern, sewn-on vegetation straps and removable concealment flaps help paddlers blend into a variety of surroundings. The flaps keep […]

Ducks Unlimited Paul Ryan

Ducks Unlimited Celebrates 80 Years of Conservation in DC

WASHINGTON, D.C. – May 10, 2017 – Last week, more than 650 people gathered for the annual Ducks Unlimited Capitol Hill dinner and auction. More than 70 members of congress were in attendance, along with congressional staff, agriculture and conservation partners, administration officials and senior Ducks Unlimited volunteers and board members from around the country. This year House Speaker Paul Ryan keynoted the event and former Vice President Dick Cheney […]

Kayak Hunting for Waterfowl

Contributed by Cameron Simot We’ve all heard of kayak fishing by now, right? But, have you ever heard of kayak hunting? Using a kayak to hunt waterfowl is just as beneficial as using the same kayak to fish from. Many of the benefits you see using your kayak for fishing, double as benefits for hunting with your kayak; ease of transportation, accessing those spots that are otherwise impossible to reach, […]

Duck Hunting Diaries #1

Duck hunting season is upon us. Today we give a flashback to Dustin Schouest’s Duck Hunting Diaries to get you primed and ready to go!   Contributed by Dustin Schouest I regretted not going the day before. But, when my bloodshot eyes saw the radar indicating an all-day rain, I knew that I wasn’t ready to face it. Currently I am new to duck hunting, and am slowly picking up […]

NEW That's Knot Right: Shooter

In the newly released episode of That’s Knot Right, It’s a crazy day for Chad as he’s invited to be a guest on the popular podcast “Talking Lead” and hits the gun range with 22Plinkster. Watch FREE ONLINE on CarbonTV NOW Please follow and like us:

Payne Outdoors

Add Merino Wool to Your Christmas List

Contributed by Laura Cromwell, Cabela’s   For those ready to fish in the cold, consider merino wool base layers and socks as a go-to choice for staying warm. Many believe several layers of cotton do just as well to retain heat, but when cotton gets wet, it latches onto skin—robbing your body of crucial warmth and bringing the danger of hypothermia. As excited as you are about getting on the […]

Payne Outdoors

Duck Hunt Diaries #2: Low Water Blues

Contributed by Dustin Schouest     Pain racked my body like the slide of my Mossberg. The fever hadn’t gone away overnight, and the headache had grown to lengths yet justifiable by common measurements. And to magnify the crummy feeling, I’d had to cut my hair to look for a job; so I felt emasculated. But, this was the last day of the first split in Louisiana’s duck season. And […]