StrapPack Pouches for Phones, Water Bottle and More

StrapPack Pouches for Phones, Water Bottle and More

Backpacks are great for carrying things, but items in the pack are difficult to access without stopping and taking off the bag. Plus belongings are prone to theft since they are out of sight. Backpack shoulder straps are within view at all times and easily reached but they have no storage. The StrapPack by Clakit solves this backpack storage problem with secure yet accessible pouches that easily clip to backpack front shoulder straps.

StrapPack ClakitWith StrapPacks  valuables such as smartphone, wallet and passport are always within sight reducing the risk of theft. Items are also available in an instant so cameras are always at hand for that once-in-a-lifetime photo, water is available on the go and travel tickets can be given to the agent without fumbling through pockets. Many people carry their smartphone in their hand when traveling or hiking because it is too much effort to take off a backpack and get it out of a pocket for every call or picture. This often leads to dropped phones, broken cases and costly repairs. With StrapPack smartphones are safely stored in a padded pouch but also accessible for that important call or to access the GPS function or take a picture.

Each StrapPack comes with a patented Clakit Clip that wraps around a backpack shoulder strap and locks into place fitting padded shoulder straps up to 3 inches wide. Designed to install in seconds and hold a firm grip so that items do not shift or slide down the strap, StrapPack  pouches keep gear always visible, secure from theft and within easy reach. StrapPack pouches are available in styles including a Smartphone Pouch, Water Bottle Pouch, 2-Zipper Travel Pouch for tickets/wallet/passport/phone, Adjustable Utility Pouch for GPS/radio/electronics and a general purpose flip lid Pocket Pouch.

StrapPack ClakitJames Wong, Trainer for the San Francisco Fire Department Neighborhood Emergency

Response Team had this to say about Clakit StrapPacks, “Great product, well made and versatile. Gives the user the ability to custom-design their backpacks to be more functional by adding pouches where they want to. Keeps your item accessible. I highly recommend these products.”

Larry Schessel, the Clakit founder, is an avid hiker and traveler. He said, “Backpacks are great for carrying things on your back. But they are inconvenient for accessing gear you often need like your smartphone for pictures, water and snacks. They also leave you at terrible risk of pickpocketing. Storing gear on the front pack straps just makes more sense. But most backpacks do not have front storage or the pockets are so tiny nothing fits inside them. StrapPacks make it easy to add secure strap storage to the front of any backpack.”

StrapPacks range in price from $14.95 to $19.95 and are available on Amazon or on the Clakit website, The patented Clakit Clip can also be purchased separately to use with other types of pouches as well as action cameras such as GoPro cameras.


About Clakit

The Clakit Clip and StrapPacks were conceived when the founder, Larry Schessel, was hiking in the California mountains and realized how irritating it was to have to stop and remove his backpack every time he needed to take a picture, drink water or eat a snack. Clakit StrapPacks provide on-demand storage on the front of the body where items can be safe from theft, easily accessible yet hands-free. They securely clip onto any strap in seconds creating comfortable non-slip storage that can be interchanged and moved based on specific activities and needs.


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