A Legend of the Flats

  As you travel from the early years to the modern day, you can recall certain individuals that helped you down the path of your angling journey. I guess you could say “mentor” or “teacher” but however you want to label it, we all know somebody that fits that title. In the beginning of my kayak fishing adventure, I was fortunate enough to Continue Reading

A "Different" Feeling

Sometimes it’s impossible to explain…the random thoughts about “the next cast” that wake you up in the middle of the night, the severe anticipation about the early morning’s events that distract you from everything else, the different “pep in your step” as you load the kayak and gear like it’s your first time ever…whatever it is, sometimes it just feels different. This time Continue Reading

Blurred, Beaten, & Smiling

Miserable, hot, fatigued, blurred, excited, and blessed are words that could be combined to sum up my week of on the water. I have been fortunate enough to enjoy nearly a week off from work due to a birthday and a long weekend due to the 4th of July. The downside to the week was once again the weather was going Continue Reading

Wind, Nudity, and a Citation

I’m pretty sure that most mid-Atlantic anglers would agree that the nonstop wind has been anything but welcomed! 15+ knot winds have kept many fishermen off the water instead of seeking out the newly arriving summer species. The reports of cobia, flounder, sheepshead, and spadefish among others have anglers glued to the internet and Smartphone weather apps while crossing their Continue Reading

Taggin' Trophy Trout

With the recent Kayak Bass Fishing tournaments now a figment of my imagination, it was once again time to play around with the toothy critters of the salt. Since we don’t have many options in the lower end of the Chesapeake Bay this time of year, I decided to give the speckled trout of the Elizabeth River the good ole’ college try before the cold Continue Reading

Fish Prints: How-To with Video

Much to my delight, I had an article about fish printing published in the Sping 2013 edition of Kayak Angler Magazine. Here’s a more detailed version with video at the end. Suppose the pictures just didn’t turn out the way you wanted. Or perhaps you forgot your camera all together. Or maybe you just want more than a picture of Continue Reading

Big Winter Speckled Trout

The winter season means different things to each person. Winter can mean cold, snow, dismallness, laziness, etc. To some people like myself, it means big appetites for big speckled trout. This time of year can be a wonderful time to target those trophy class gators that anglers hear about. In the Chesapeake Bay region in Virginia, the Elizabeth River is Continue Reading

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