Impromptu Bronzebacks

Timing is everything.  And as of late, my struggles to get that timing right have resulted in me being stood up on my last 4 dates with Big Red.  The Eastern Shore can be so unforgiving to some, but my persistence will be rewarded… eventually. This weekend, between bleach, caulk, birthdays, leafy gutters, weed, and mommy-daddy time, I found a couple Continue Reading

Bumping and Grinding Bucketmouths

  The early spring months treated us a little different this year compared to years past. March and early April were filled with high winds and cold fronts keeping the water temperature down. Finally, old Ma’ Nature has finally listened to the fishermen’s prayers because it’s official…spring is here! Not only do us anglers feel the swing in the temperature, Continue Reading

The Flip Side

Sometimes things just click and go better than expected.  For example, I was surprised when I received a call from the VA gamefish tagging program saying I won an award.  It turns out I tagged the second most spadefish in 2012. Humbled to be in this group After looking through my records, I ended up with 60 tagged spades (caught Continue Reading

Chesapeake Bay Trophy Stripers

All the recent hoopla in the Chesapeake Bay region of big cow stripers has had me chomping at the bit to get in on the action. Our last trip out to Plantation Light yielded miles and miles of paddling but resulted in zero fish. Needless to say, I was bound and determined to nail one of those big ole’ cows out my Continue Reading

Choosing The Right Kayak

Hopefully the following will help those that want to get into kayak fishing without going into a dealer blindly.   I know, it’s a lot of work going around looking at and testing kayaks without buying one, though it’s safe to say that jumping into a kayak purchase with no experience or knowledge of what will fit you best may Continue Reading

YakAttack GearTrac

I recently ordered a few things from YakAttack for my 2012 Wilderness Ride 135 and wanted to show you how easy this product is to install on your kayak. I know that there are a lot of people out there that are afraid of drilling holes into their kayaks but I’m here to tell you that this is a piece Continue Reading

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